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Les Chickens

Ski Pants Crust - Men

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Are you looking for warmer ski pants? A thicker version of the Frost model is suitable for really cold days! Together with Crust jacket you will have a perfect kit, which will keep you warm in any weather conditions.

Our Crust pants are strengthened with a mesh lining at the front and a thicker water-repellent fleece fabric at the back panel. This combination of stretchy material Atom and breathable, water proof material Tempest protects the body from cold and allows the perfect movement ability at the same time.

The unique cut allows to have your logos also on a printed seamless back panel and ensures the best fitting.

Long zippers in the outer side seems make the pants quickly removable even with ski boots on and silicone straps around the ankles keep the pants on place over the boots.

We take for granted that our zippers will work flawlessly for many years. Therefore we have chosen to manufacture our garments exclusively with YKK zippers, the world's largest and quality assured supplier.

Reflexes are amazing! If you want to be more visible, you can choose reflex seams at the knee area as an optional component.